Specifying Custom Tigermoth Lights.

Here at Tigermoth Lighting, we specialise in creating custom decorative lighting to your specifications.


Common customisation projects:

Here are some examples of custom projects that we regularly undertake:

Direct-to-ceiling fixing.


Different tier shapes, sizes and configuration, e.g. split-tier chandelier, oval chandelier, custom-size pendants.


Silk Shades in any colour, or in your own fabric.


Conversion of any of our collection to work with the electrical system in the USA.


Custom hanging piece length, e.g. extra long chandelier or Pendant Light.


Custom metalwork finish, e.g. gold or polished nickel.


Custom hanging pieces, e.g. octagonal smoke crystals, mixed crystal and chain.


Custom flex colours and lengths


Custom suspension chains and wires.


Drop rod suspension.


Special ceiling fixings, e.g.for sloping ceilings, without visible fixings.


Custom electrical requirements, e.g. switched Pendant Kits.


Clusters and installations of lights, e.g. 7-way pendant kit, in-line pendant kit.


Extra tier inside chandeliers to hide light sources (especially useful when a shallow chandelier is hung very high up).


 Custom Stem Wall Lights - reduced back plate to fit in narrow space, reduced arm length where a shallow depth is required.


Custom Stem Pendant

Custom metallic decorative elements.

This is just a selection of what can be achieved - call us today to discuss your project requirements.