Nicola has featured Tigermoth Lighting in her fantastic interior design blog:

"Highlights from 100% Design and Decorex - Part 2 - Lighting

I thought, for the next part of my show highlights, I’d focus on something that definitely adds a ‘wow’ factor to any interiors scheme – lighting.

When it comes to lighting there really is so much choice available. So, when choosing lighting it is important to think about a few things:

  • Lighting is there to provide general, accent and task lighting, and to provide a decorative feature.
  • Lighting should be layered to add interest to a scheme.

So, having said that, here are a few of my favourites from 100% Design and Decorex:

Tigermoth Lighting Mini Crystal Pendants...Tigermoth Lighting produce these beautiful mini pendants for a more realistic £154.89. The optical-quality crystal and subtle muted metalwork make this light seem at home in contemporary or traditional interiors. Group them in twos and threes for dramatic effect.....



There is so much more to lighting than I have covered here, and it is not as simple as just selecting a pendant or a table light. These are the lights we see, but a growing trend is to conceal lights in the walls or floor to create a layered effect. And, with the worlds focus being on the environment, and the government releasing ever tougher lighting regulations, the next big developments will be about better control and energy efficiency.

Lighting affects the mood of a space and is definitely one of my passions when designing interiors or gardens, and it is important that this is planned at the earliest stages of developing a scheme."

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