Originally Posted 10 June 09

The thought of cleaning a crystal chandelier can be quite daunting but actually it’s not too hard.

There is nothing worse than a chandelier covered in dust and cobwebs (unless you want to rock the haunted house look!). The best course of action is prevention – a regular dusting with a feather duster (when the light is switched off) should prevent a build up of grime.

Another good preventative measure is to protect your chandelier with dust sheets if you are doing any decorating in the house.

If you do notice that the sparkle has gone out of your crystal, follow Tigermoth Lighting’s five easy steps:

(1) Switch off the power at the mains fuse box.
(2) If your chandelier is up high, make arrangements to reach it safely.
(3) If it is above a hard floor, put down cushions or a duvet – this way, if you accidentally drop a crystal, it shouldn’t break.
(4) Take a soft cotton cloth, dip it in very hot water, and wring it out as much as possible so there are no drips. Use this to clean the crystals one-by-one. Avoid getting water anywhere other than on the crystals. Wash the cloth out as needed but always make sure you wring it out thoroughly before applying to the chandelier.
(5) Switch the electricity back on, step back and enjoy!

You should not need to do this more than every few years.

These steps are general as we don’t know what kind of chandelier you have got or how it is set up- they are no substitute for good common sense, so be careful!

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